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TGL Gem Lab, established in 2016 in Beruwela, has swiftly become a cornerstone in Sri Lanka’s gemological landscape. Renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities and adherence to international standards, TGL Gem Lab offers a comprehensive range of services vital to the gem industry. From Beruwela, where it all began, to the bustling gem markets of Kandy, Rathnapura, Galle, and even extending its reach to China, TGL Gem Lab’s expansion underscores its commitment to serving diverse gem communities. With expertise in gem identification, grading, and certification, TGL Gem Lab ensures the authenticity and quality of gemstones, bolstering trust and confidence in the industry. Its dedication to excellence and innovation positions it as a trusted partner for gem traders, enthusiasts, and stakeholders worldwide.

TGL–Tourmaline Lanka Gemological Laboratory

A state-of-the-art gemological laboratory offering international standard services to the gem industry


The Tourmaline Lanka gemological laboratory (TGL) would like to introduce your company to an independent gemological laboratory. TGL Head Office located in No. 62, Patte Kade, China Fort, Beruwala, Sri Lanka.

TGL’s ultimate position in the gemological world is no fluke. It is the result of continuous research, support and synergy with professionals and consumers alike TGL specializes in colored stones, colored stones jewelry analysis identification report only.

TGL utilizes state of the art technology, instruments and the most highly experienced certified gemologists of the gemological institute of America to provide the most accurate and professional colored stone identification report.

TGL guarantees their services to be accurate, reliable, and well presented in a user-friendly format. GLA also takes pride in offering the most photogenic digital color photographs of the items examined. TGL is the leader in providing the highest quality professional and aesthetically appealing reports offered today in Sri Lanka with special comments on report.

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Tourmaline Lanka Magazine

1st Ever International Gem Magazine from Sri Lanka

TGL also works in partnerships with Tourmaline Lanka first ever gemological magazine and by offering Jewelry Appraisal Promotion Events through out the year. TGL also performs most of the services offered on the retails companies, jewelry manufactures and exhibitors while they wait so that their customers can obtain an independent and unbiased evaluation of the goods they offer. Please click here to see our Editors.