Terms and Limitations

The Tourmaline Lanka Gemological Laboratory (hereinafter referred to as “TGL”) has established a modern gem testing laboratory where testing is done by American-qualified experts using techniques and equipment available at the time of testing. TGL issues the relevant reports to the best of their knowledge in accordance with internationally-accepted standards and industrial ethics.

Important Terms and Limitations

This report is not a guarantee, valuation or appraisal of the gemstone and TGL has made no representation or warranty regarding this report and the article described herein. It is for identification purposes only.

All TGL Reports are printed with authentic original TGL hologram sticker and bear an official signature from our Chief Gemologist. No corrections or modifications of any sort are allowable on the original gemstone reports. All gemstone reports are laminated for security. The gemstone reports, trademarks such as TGL-(H) or service marks of TGL may not be reproduced in whole, or in part, without the prior written consent and authorization of TGL. A genuine TGL Report includes identification of gemstones by photographic images, and includes descriptions, weight, and dimensions with authentic original TGL Hologram. A statement of opinion as to their treatment, comments is included as Tourmaline Lanka terms and type. Unless explicitly agreed to otherwise, TGL shall not be held liable for any consequences resulting from incomplete or erroneous data in the report; such as errors in measurement and weight measurements; typing errors; and errors in the declaration of treatments. In addition, the client and all other persons to whom the client may allocate, show or transfer this gemstone report, for any use and for any purpose shall not hold TGL liable.

TGL Reports do not constitute a guarantee for an appraisal of the item or gemstone described therein. The conclusion as to treatment of gemstones is an opinion of TGL based on the direct comparison of the findings of the item(s) examined with those obtained from the analysis gathered from reference materials, as well as those appearing in published literature. TGL, to the extent reasonably possible, continuously updates this knowledge base on a regular basis.

The opinion as to quality and rarity of a gemstone being examined is issued upon request only and represents an opinion based on the practical experience of TGL. The TGL reserves the right to refuse the issuance of a gemstone report at any time. Unless expressly agreed to previously in writing, the client shall not to hold TGL liable for the loss or damage of the gemstone resulting from risks that may occur during the transport and delivery process, including but not limited to theft or stealing; during the examination process, including color and clarity alteration, or other alteration of gem material, including removal of fissure fillings in the gem material, and while the gemstone is in the possession of TGL, including theft, negligence and natural acts of God.

Gemstone Reports are not issued for gemstones that have undergone unstable treatments. In an instance where there is more than reasonable doubt, TGL will not issue a Gemstone Report. TGL and the gemologists will not be liable for special or consequential damage that could arise from any error or omission from any report issued. Any misuse of the issued Reports will be reported and the misusing party will be legally prosecuted. The TGL may repudiate the issuance of a gemstone report or whatsoever at any time.

It is possible to enhance a gemstone’s appearance during its lifetime. Therefore, comments regarding enhancement in this report are only for a specific time period. A recheck of the gemstone maybe necessary if a period of time has elapsed or the gemstone has changed ownership. If requested by the customer, TGL will re-issue Reports within a period of one year from the date of issue of the original Report. TGL bears the right to retain items which are not collected by the customer or if the amount of the Report has not been settled in full within a period of 90 days.

All intellectual property rights belonging to TGL, including the contents of this Report, the name, trademarks, service marks and logos of TGL shall not be used in whole or in part for any purpose whatsoever, including for purposes of advertising, marketing, publicity and promotions, without obtaining the prior written consent of TGL

Enhancement Disclosure

Ruby and Sapphire

No indication of thermal treatment

No gemological constraints (for example no altered inclusions) are present which would indicate that a heat enhancement practice was applied.


Enhanced by heat