Tourmaline Lanka Gem Lab – Sri Lanka


A state-of-the-art gemological laboratory offering international standard services to the gem industry

At TGL-Tourmaline Lanka Gem Lab, we are experts in analyzing and interpretation of the various scientific characteristics of gemstones. We disclose this analysis information to our clients through a detailed Gemstone Report.

The TGL-Tourmaline Lanka Gem Lab team consists of highly-qualified and experienced specialists that include a graduate gemologist, a chemistry specialist and a software engineer. Each member of the team has qualifications in the relevant field together with specialized training in his or her field of work such as chemistry, gemology and photography. We are proud of our experience and our skills which, complimented with each individual’s unique personality, contribute to the strong core service we offer to our valued clientele.

The TGL-Tourmaline Lanka Gem Lab is equipped with the latest technological instruments such as FTIR and LIBS. Such advanced equipment, in the hands of our specialists, ensures that we are of international standards and that all our clients get the best quality at all times.

TGL aims effectively at disclosing the identity and authenticity of a gemstone – if applicable – arriving at an opinion on the presence or absence of any treatments.
TGL’s Gemstone Reports include simplified wording to make it more understandable to gem trade and lay persons.

Pricing Structure
Prices for a TGL Gemstone Report vary between roughly LKR 2500 to LKR 15,000 depending on a variety of factors such as the type of gemstone, type of certificate (Memo or Full Certificate), carat weight and the turnaround time. More comprehensive reports for over 10 cts best quality Ruby and Sapphire pieces may be more expensive.

Delivery Schedule
Generally, we require at least two working days to complete the identification. This does, however, depend on the workload at the time of handing over of the gemstone(s). We contact clients well in advance if it seems likely that more than the standard two working days will be required to perform all the analysis and printing.

An express service (turnaround within one or two working days) is offered by payment of a supplementary fee.

We are pleased to announce our gem testing service in Beruwala in our brand new offices in Patte Kade-China Fort. We invite you to take this opportunity to use our services at a location convenient to you.