Gemstone Report

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Importance of TGL report

A TGL Identification report clearly discloses the details of any item it accompanies, providing confidence for both seller and consumer. The value of a colored stones determined by its gemological makeup, beauty, rarity, durability and finished quality. Gemstones of same appearance can have important differences in value. Even experts need powerful analytic tools to detect synthetics, treatments and enhancement processes.

Colored stone full identification report

Identified the treatment with comments, or special comment on stone’s color or quality, click here to see the price list.

Colored stone Identification report

Without identified the treatment, only a stone identification – whether stone is natural or synthetic -species or variety name, click here to see the price list.

Breif identification ID card

Identify the treatment and without identify the treatment, click here to see the price list.

Gemostone Report DETAILS

TGL gemstone report is issued for a single loose gemstone or gem studded jewelry if stone has reasonable doubt, report will not issue. Details of report:
• Certificate number
• Date
• Weight
• Shape and Cut
• Measurements
• Color
• Identification
• Comments concerning the treatment situation
• Colour photo of the stone
• Hologram sticker
• Gemologist signature

Special effects of the gemstones, either natural (like chatocancy, color change etc.) or induced by a treatment (like traces of treatments, significant damage etc.) may also appear under “comments”.

The TGL laboratory keeps the CIBJO Nomenclature Recommendations as guidelines for its Reports. These rules classify gemstones as minerals. Synthetic crystals, in contrast, are not considered gemstones, and their name must be always preceded by the word “synthetic”.

Verbal report

Verbal quick tests are established when seller or buyer does not require a written document, but only verbal information. The necessary tests are generally done on by appointment only. click here to see the price list.


We offer wide range of service such as all matters concerning gemology. We have, for example, gemological seminars, training courses, gem energy sessions and all the gemological services, click here to see the price list.


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