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Surprising Treatment!

The most tricky part buying rough is to “see inside the stone”.Synthetic sapphire and ruby have been on the market Surprising Treatment_2for over a century. Please be careful when buying Geuda sapphire for heat. This type of stones even big challenge for gemologist to identify. This is the story about stone. .” I will put some pictures of a stone that bought for 5 million. This is inside a glass constructed by gluing natural sapphire pieces outside such a sophisticated way.”

Surprising Treatment_1Coincidentally when I discussing somethings with another dealer last night he describe me how his son caught in this scam. He bought this type of Geuda in Hatton April holiday season. After two or three sawing only Salahudeen haji found out this constructed. I’ll update picture of that once I received from him. So please share this to alert the dealers.”

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